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Nutrition & Body Scans

Image by Louis Hansel

Personalized Nutrition

Girls Gone Buff offers various options for personalized nutrition. We have many programs we run throughout the year, like our Fluff to Buff Challenges, as well as one-on-one assistance. Please click below to request more information about creating a customized nutrition plan that will fit your lifestyle and needs! 

Pricing Varies

Body Scans

We have one of the best Body Scanners that you can get!

This amazing device uses a method called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure body composition, which divides your weight into different components, such as Lean Body Mass and Fat Mass, to assess health and help guide interventions. 

Body Scan Facts:

  • You will receive a consultation with one of our Coaches, plus your measurements taken

  • You receive an easy and non-invasive body composition tests
    in less than 60 seconds

  • This device measures fat, muscle, and water levels with the accuracy of gold standard methods

  • Once your scan is complete, we print out a full page report to help you track your progress along the way. Our coaches will take their time to explain this printout to you and answer any questions you may have.

$30.00 Members
$40.00 Non-Members


Click below to request information on these services.

Nutrition & Body Scans: Courses
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