Membership Pricing


BUFF ALL ACCESS Unlimited Monthly

Unlimited Classes for Bootcamp &

Bella Barbell Club
This includes unlimited access to all  Bootcamp and Barbell classes offered by Girls Gone Buff

$145.00/month (Autopay)

$30 Sign up fee

Unlimited BOOTCAMP Classes Monthly

Unlimited Bootcamp Classes
This includes unlimited Bootcamp Classes *Only*

$119.00/month (Autopay)
$125.00/month to month

$30 Sign up fee

12 BOOTCAMP Classes Monthly

12 Bootcamp Classes PER Month. Classes do not roll over.

$99.00/month (Autopay)
$105.00/month to month

$30 Sign up fee


Beginners BOOTCAMP

3 weeks - 9 Classes

3 Days a Week (Mon/Wed/Thurs @ 645pm)

*Requires Consultation with GGB Coach before

Registration can take place*



Registration & Payment Information

To register for a membership with Girls Gone Buff, please click the link below. 
The only payments accepted will be via our Membership Site (Zen Planner). There are two options available: AutoPay or Month to Month. Our AutoPay memberships include a discounted price. All membership cancellations require a 30 day written notice.